For its third edition, Uni'Run's goal is to support 4 charities. Three of them fight against child cancer:  Rêve d'Enfance, a HEC association run by students, Cheer-Up, a nation wide student association, and Imagine For Margo, which goal is to fund innovative research against child cancer. The fourth one, VML (Vaincre les Maladies Lysosomales) fight against lysosomal storage diseases.   









Rêve d’Enfance is an HEC student societies dedicated to children suffering from cancer. For 15 years, volunteers have brought support to children within and outside the hospital through cultural excursions and a cruise in Corsica.













Cheer’Up is a federation of student societies located in several French High schools. Every week volunteers go to the hospital to meet children and help them build projects and make their dreams come true.


The Association « Imagine for Margo – Children without Cancer », created on November 28th, 2011, is a recognized public interest organization intended to lead awarenessand fund raising activities for European researchin support of specific, innovative and more effective treatmentsfor childhood cancer.  In addition, it provides support to affected families and contributes to the well-being of hospitalized children.

What is VML?


Vaincre les Maladies Lysosomales (Defeat Lysosomal Diseases) is a non-lucrative association of parents and patients determined to overcome those diseases and find answers to live better day to day. The goal of VML is to fight for life. Since 1990, this association gathers the families affected by those diseases in order to accompany them in their everyday fight against the diseases.


What are lysosomal diseases?


They are very rare diseases, that affect a very small part of the population, and that are generally very unknown. That's why VML represents a total of 53 diseases, that are each very isolated, but can be heard when united. A major point for VML is: "rare but not alone!". All those diseases are rather similar, not only for their medical characteristics, but also for the struggle they impose to the patients and their families, meaning very often a strong feeling of isolation, of being alone. Also, the rarity of the disease makes it very hard for the families to have a full and strong medical support that actually translates into solutions. They suffer from an important lack of medical and financial means, which hereafter translates into a lack of remedy.


What are the main objectives of VML?


- Offer help and support to the sick and their families

- Improve scientific and medical knowledge of the diseases

- Promote VML's actions and contribute to financing scientific programs

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