> You want to know more about Uni’Run HEC ?

Uni’Run is the first solidarity run on HEC Campus. The event will take place in the morning on Sunday 14th, April, 2019. The run will be followed by several activities organized by students societies, including a lunch. If you just want to support your friends and come for the lunch, you must register to the event as well as any other participant here.





> How to sign up to the race ?


It happens here. By signing up to the race, you automatically sign up for the lunch.

> Can I sign up on-site ?

No, you have to sign up online.

> Can non-members of HEC participate ?

Everyone is welcome: students, professors, alumni as well as people outside of HEC.

> Do I have to submit a medical certificate?

No medical certificate needed.

> What are the conditions of participation ?

It is expressly mentioned that participants who engage in this event are under their own sole responsibility. They must ensure that they are in a good enough physical condition to walk or run, at the speed of their choice/capacity, a distance of 5km or 10km. Registration to the Uni’Run race is made on this website, in 2 steps:

1. The participants fill in the online registration form and pay their registration fee of €7, €12, €15 or €17 (all tax included) by credit card.

2. The participants create their fundraising page, or share that of their team.

Bibs will only be delivered to the participants whose registrations are complete and individual.

> Can I cancel my registration or transfer it to a friend ?


The registration is final, non-reimbursable, and non-transferable.

But of course, even if you cancel in advance or don’t come on the day of, the funds collected on your fundraising page will be donated to the three beneficiary associations of this event.


> What are the conditions for the fundraising page ?


The participants can either create an individual or collective fundraising page. To constitute a team / group, each participant must be registered to Uni’Run HEC - this is done through the payment of the registration fee on helloasso website.

Companies may also participate to Uni’Run as teams, similarly to associations, group of friends and families.

> How do I create a collective fundraising page ?

Only one person must create the fundraising page for the entire team. The other members can simply share this fundraising team page to raise money.

> May I participate with my donors or with guests?

Only participants who have finalized their registration may run on the day of the race.

However, you may of course suggest to your donors to come run as well! Guests will be accepted on campus as long as they have registered either for the race or the lunch.



> To whom and how are the Uni’Run funds donated?

For the 2019 edition, the Uni’Run funds will be donated to four associations dedicated to different stages of pediatric cancer: Imagine for Margo for medical research; Cheer Up for children’s support within the hospital; Rêve d’Enfance for children’s support outside of the hospital. THe fourth association, VML, fight against lysosomal diseases.

> What happens if I don’t reach my fundraising objective?

The fundraising objective of the participant or team must not necessarily be reached.

Of course, the collected funds will be transferred to the benefiting associations, even if the participant did not reach his fundraising objective.

> What happens if I exceed my fundraising objective?

Congratulations ! The minimum fundraising objective is set beforehand by each participant, but you can of course exceed it - there is no maximum and you can raise as much as you want for the three benefiting associations!


> What is a bib?

It is a sheet of paper 16cm x 21cm. To set the bib in front of your t-shirt, pins will be available the day of the race.

> How to I retrieve my bib ?

To obtain your bib, you must have completed your entire registration here.

You will then receive a confirmation email and a ticket that is necessary to print out in order to get your bib the day of the event!

Your registration requires your full name. Your ID card will be requested.

You can retrieve someone else’s bib as long as you have his registration confirmation and valid ID card.


> When and where may I retrieve my bib?


– When ? You will be able to retrieve it between 9am and 10am the day of the race.


– Where ? In the HEC “Hall d’Honneur”.



> Is the event timed?


Uni’Run is a convivial and athletic event. No timer !

> What are the different trails for the race ?

Uni’Run HEC will take place on HEC campus. 2 trails are possible: the 5km Athletic trail and 10km Extreme trail.

> Can we eat there?

A lunch will be organized by the HEC Terroirs association, served after the race.


> Special equipment / people with limited mobility


In order to avoid injuries to other participants, the following equipment is prohibited:

– Walking stick

– Bicycle

– Scooter

– Rollers

– All motorized vehicles, including motorized wheelchairs.

For handicapped people only, the following equipment is authorized:

– Wheelchairs

– Guide dogs

– Joelette

– Crutches


You can contact us for any questions on this matter : courseunirunhec@gmail.com

> Are animals authorized?


For security reasons, animals, EXCEPT guide dogs, are not authorized on campus.

> Trails?

The Uni’Run trails were chosen to be accessible by the greatest number of people. However, the Uni’Run race takes place in the parc of HEC campus, thus certain parts of the trails may contain pitfalls. The majority of the race is on dry land, but the trail may also consist of grass and rocky terrain.

> People with reduced mobility?

People with reduced mobility may be accompanied. Contact us for more precisions on this subject : courseunirunhec@gmail.com



> How do I register to the lunch?

It happens here:https://www.helloasso.com/associations/uni-run-hec/evenements/course-uni-run-hec-2019-1. Access to campus is strictly reserved to people registered to the race or to the lunch.

>  Is it possible to register on the day of?

No, it is mandatory to register BEFORE April 14th, 2019.

> Do I have to create a fundraising page if I only come to the lunch?

No. However, we encourage you to support the runners in reaching their fundraising goals!

> Can I assist the start and end of the race even if I have just signed up to the lunch?


Yes, you are welcome on campus starting 10am.



> How may I participate to the race as an association or company?


One member of the team can register for the all team and create the fundraising page of the team. Otherwise, each member of the organization or company must sign up to the event and share the fundraising page created by one of the members.

> How to become a partner or sponsor of UNI’RUN HEC ?

If you wish to become a partner to the great solidarity race on HEC campus, we invite you to contact by mail to courseunirunhec@gmail.com.


Do you have other questions ? Contact us : courseunirunhec@gmail.com.

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